Peoples Republic of Warzone Asia
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Coup in Warzone Africa

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Coup in Warzone Africa Empty Coup in Warzone Africa

Post by Rivercastle on Tue Nov 10, 2015 4:00 am

Coup in Warzone Africa Warzone_africa__946832


1. On 10 November 2015, at roughly 13:50 ( GMT+8 ), the government of Warzone Africa was overthrown by [nation]Political Wisdom[/nation], who misused his powers as Vice-President of Warzone Africa to forcibly remove the population of Warzone Africa.

2. As of press time, Warzone Africa will be under a State of Emergency, with the exiled Perotasoan Government to operate out of this forums. All existing diplomatic relationships with other regions will be maintained.

3. However, due to the absence of President New Perotasoa, I will declare myself to be the Acting President of the Perotasoan Government. I will be issuing Declarations on behalf of the Perotasoan Government. Should President New Perotasoa return to assume control of this Government once more, all Declarations issued by me will be declared null and void unless specified otherwise by President New Perotasoa.

4. Since I am currently the only member of the Government that can be contacted, I request all to contact me should you have any questions.

5. Due to the actions of [nation]Political Wisdom[/nation], he will be removed from his position as Vice-President and from the Perotasoan Government with immediate effect, and declared an Enemy of the State. He will be removed from the region, and his citizenship void with no chance at clemancy. Anyone found collaborating with him will likewise be declared an Enemy of the State and subject to ejection from the region and their citizenship void, depending on the extent of their collaboration.

6. We call upon all nations and fellow regions to recognise us as the legitimate government of Warzone Africa, and request them to assist us with our restoration of order in Warzone Africa.

Secretary General of Warzone Africa

We hope you'll support the Perotasoan Government Smile

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Coup in Warzone Africa Empty Re: Coup in Warzone Africa

Post by Chancellor Campbell II on Tue Nov 10, 2015 2:30 pm

Your statement on events is much appreciated. As you may already know from other discussions, we are also preparing a full statement on the matter, and plan to enact similar measures.
Chancellor Campbell II
Chancellor Campbell II

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